parable of the ten virgins

Scripture references:  Matthew 25:1-13
The wedding customs of those days were such that no exact wedding date was known  to the  bride-to-be.  From the time the groom-to-be  announced his  intention  of marriage, it was up to the bride-to-be to be always ready  for his coming!  In these passages of the parable we find no bride-to-be totally prepared.  All had their lamps...some brought oil, some did not, all slumbered.
Farside Chapel Commentary: Symbolism-The church is Christ's body and bride.   Each believer, by God's grace receives an invitation at the time he calls us--redeems us.  He prepares and salvages our souls for his spirit's dwelling place.   No one knows the exact hour when we will meet our groom face-to-face and rejoice with all Christians for eternity. 

It is up to us to keep his spirit alive in our hearts, in our churches, and in this world. We have to preserve his spirit by reading/studying his living word which breathes life into us constantly; it nourishes our desire to accomplish acts of loving kindness, and seals our faith and trust in him.  Prepare with prayer, rejoice in praise songs, the groom comes, the wedding feast awaits!