Jesus heals a woman

Scripture Reference:  Mark 5:27-34

Farside Chapel's Summary:

The Bible does not give this woman's name. If we consider the customs of that period in history, we may get a clearer picture of her overall torment.  Her bleeding disorder was considered unclean by religious leaders who goverened the social order and that meant she was an outcast. Thus, she endured years of isolation from family, friends, and society.  She was poor, having spent all that she had on physicians because she was required by law to try every proposed remedy no matter the cost or how idiotic.  She was broken physically and spiritually. The chronic bleeding caused anemia and weakness.  She was excluded from both synagogue and temple worship.  Being publically alienated from God brought its own darkness that threatened to engulf the last light in her life. 

Jesus was coming to a town near her.  She believed the stories of him healing a multitude of people wherever he went.  She began to gather strength as she thought of him making her well.  She took a chance on this solitary journey that would change her life forever.  She made her way through the crowd following after him like an orphan longing to be loved.  Hope and determination filled the void of her vacant heart and aroused courage.  It was a sea of warmth as thousands of people pressed close to her.  The belonging opened the hidden dam of tears held captive behind an ignored face for years.  Salty water rushed forth and cascaded over her cheeks, dripping like healing rain and cleansing her feet.  Faith was her comforter.  When she fell to her knees and grasped the tassel of his garment she realized her destiny in him. 

As the story ends, you can almost hear her saying, "He was not ashamed of me.  He called me 'daughter'.  A term of endearment.  I am forever blessed. "